top 5 easter treats for babies and toddlers that aren’t chocolate!

With Easter around the corner I’ve got chocolate on my mind. Which isn’t really new, because I do love chocolate and eat it mindfully every day! My three children have also developed a healthy relationship with food because of how we’ve chosen to deal with treats in our household. They aren’t forbidden, they’re on an equal playing field with other food, and they’re enjoyed in moderation regularly! If you’ve got children over the age of two check out my 5 Secrets to Raising Kids Who Eat Treats Mindfully and in Moderation post. But if you’ve got little kids (age 2 and under) I suggest limiting (and even avoiding) treats with a lot of added sugar, and instead of offering toddler-friendly alternative Easter treats instead. The thing is, toddlers are none-the-wiser when it comes to Easter egg hunts… (or treats in general). They just want to go hunting for something that the Easter bunny left for them (that’s the fun part!), so what they’re hunting for doesn’t really matter.

Check out my Top 5 Easter egg alternatives below. And most of them can all be hidden in simple plastic Easter eggs that you find at the dollar store!

1) Stickers!

 What kid doesn’t love a good sticker? Choose small simple stickers or hit the dollar store for Easter themed stickers!

2)  Dry Cereals! 

Fill a plastic Easter egg with Cheerios or other dry cereal. Your baby or toddler will love the snacking adventure!

3) Baby Gourmet Mushies

Mushies are THE BEST. Babies and toddlers devour them because they’re naturally sweet and delicious and parents love them because they’re simply freeze-dried fruit and veggie droplets that offer lots of nutrition! They’re definitely one of the best safe and nutritious alternative to chocolate. Providing toddler appropriate snacks will allow babies and small toddlers to participate in the Easter egg hunt without the fear of choking. Hard candy like jelly beans or candy-coated chocolate should be avoided for children under the age of two.

4) Colourful Craft Puffs

Fuzzy and colourful puffs are so versatile. My kids have used them for crafts, colour sorting, and even as boulders to transport via dump trucks! Bonus, they’re fun and safe!

5) Easter-themed books or stuffed animals

Books are always a great little gift for little ones, and create more bonding time for you and your babe. And stuffies are the best too – toddlers love collecting them and snuggling with them.

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