For babies discovering new textures and flavours, these freeze-dried, melt-in-your-mouth organic snacks are the next step in developing a taste for fruit and veggies.

fruity greens Mushies

Help your baby develop a love for spinach and kale with melt-in-your-mouth, bite-sized bits of fun that babies can feed themselves.

banana beetberry Mushies

Our popular Banana Apple Beet Berry purée is transformed into a tasty, melt-in-your-mouth snack. Think little freeze-dried nuggets of sweet banana and blueberry.

banana berry greek yogurt Mushies

A combination of bananas, berries and yogurt is freeze-dried to make a tasty, smoothie-like snack for self-feeding babies.



These 100% Organic Quinoa puffs are delicious gluten-free snacks for self-feeders! With 1 billion probiotics, these tummy friendly snacks are an excellent source of protein, fuelled with nutritious super-grains.

banana kale Puffies

Excite baby's tastebuds with this dynamic new flavour including the sweet, creamy flavour of banana and nutrient rich kale

cheesy broccoli Puffies

Broccoli and cheese, what a great combination! These delicious quinoa puffs deliver a nutritional bang along with outstanding flavour!

strawberry beet Puffies

Introduce baby to the delicious taste of strawberries combined with beets. They are the perfect little snack for babies starting to feed themselves!


Finger Foods

Our new Finger Foods are locally produced and packed with 100% organic lentil and chickpea nutrition. These high-quality snacks combine tummy friendly probiotics, plant based proteins and essential vitamins and minerals making them the perfect snack for your self-feeder!

carrot sticks, lentil & chick pea puffs

Perfect, plant-based nutrition with the right amount of flavour for your baby-led feeder!

tomato basil slices, lentil & chickpea puffs

These high-quality snacks are the perfect way to nurture your little one's journey to self-feeding. 

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