yumberries & plum with ancient grains

A tangy combo of berries, banana and carrots blended with ancient grains makes for a satisfying meal for adventurous eaters.

available sizes

  • 128 ml pouch
  • 4 food groups
  • gluten free
  • nut free
  • vitamins a and c
  • no added sugar or salt
  • kosher

jen says

Texture tip: For added texture, try stirring in some cooked quinoa, oats or brown rice.


  • Organic Pear
  • Organic Banana
  • Organic Carrot
  • Organic Plum
  • Water
  • Organic Greek Yogurt
  • Organic Blueberry
  • Organic Strawberry
  • Organic Modcarb*
  • Organic Blackberry
  • Organic Yumberry
  • Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • * Organic modcarb contains oat bran, amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, millet, chia


  • Dairy

nutritional facts

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