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What's your baby ready for?

We know navigating through your baby's early feeding journey can be confusing. That's why we partnered with registered dietitian, Sarah Remmer, to create this easy to follow guide for each stage of development. Simply click on your baby's age to reveal information and helpful tips to make feeding nutritious and fun!

4 to 6

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It’s suggested to wait until 6 months prior to introducing solids, to ensure baby is developmentally ready and to encourage breastfeeding when possible until 6 months. If baby is showing signs of being ready to start solids prior to 6 months of age, you can experiment with cereals and simple purees, such as Baby Gourmet’s iron-fortified infant cereal, or unsweetened fruit and veggie purées, however the latest expert advice encourages waiting until 6 months.

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Baby is ready to start solids at 6 months. Offer iron-rich foods, such as Baby Gourmet’s Iron-fortified infant cereal, at least 2X/day. Be sure foods are soft enough to break apart in baby’s mouth easily and avoid choking hazards. Introduce common allergens like peanut butter (spread thinly), low-mercury, deboned fish, and cooked egg in a safe environment. Open cup for sips of water is recommended (with help).

8 to 9

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Shredded Chicken

Grated Carrot


Baby is mastering the “pincer grip” and has been exposed to a variety of foods now. It’s still important to continue offering iron-rich foods at least twice daily. You can test out smaller soft pieces of soft food, such as Baby Gourmet’s “Tasty Textures” savoury meals, Plus Puree’s and nutritious snacking products including Mushies, Puffies and Finger Foods. Start to teach baby how to use the spoon independently and continue using open cup for water.

10 to 12

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Cheese Cubes


Baby is participating in family meals and enjoying a wide variety of foods and textures. They’re comfortable with self-feeding and mastering the pincer-grip for smaller pieces. Baby should be close to self-feeding with a spoon and/or pouch. Baby Gourmet’s savoury meals are a good choice.


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