10 on-the-go easy and nutritious summer snacks for babies and toddlers

It’s hard to believe that it’s that time of year again! I am 100% ready for it to be summertime. The warmth and sunshine are welcomed after a long winter. Seriously, we had a solid 9 months of snow this year in Calgary! Along with the sunshine and extra hours of daylight comes summer chaos. I’m talking about the park playdates, trips to the splash park, and backyard shenanigans. Babies and toddlers can sense when the sun is shining, and they want to be on the move! And with all that excitement it can be hard to take a break to hydrate and fuel the body. Which is why the on-the-go snack is a life-saver. By the time you’ve wrangled your toddler, changed a diaper, and applied all the sunscreen, you want to maximize your outside adventure! Bringing a portable and nutritious snack along for the ride is the perfect way to make the most of your time. So here are 10 of my favourite on-the-go snacks that will keep your kids fueled and hydrated for summer fun.

Nutritious baby and toddler-friendly bars/bites
Hand’s down one of the easiest ways to snack on the go is a with a nutritious bar. I’m a huge fan of these sweet and salty chocolate lentil bars for myself and older toddlers, but for babies and younger toddlers try a homemade teething biscuit made with Baby Gourmet’s iron-fortified infant cereal and cinnamon. Yum!

Chopped fruit salad
Toddlers are a mystery. One day they will absolutely love apples and the next day they won’t. That’s not to say you shouldn’t keep offering, as it can take kids 20-30 times to accept and like new foods. One way to keep introducing new and exciting fruits is through a chopped fruit salad! A favourite go-to fruit like orange slices, paired with new fruit like chopped cantaloupe will help your toddler feel confident in trying new foods. Keep fruit safe by slicing grapes lengthwise, and larger fruit into appropriately sized portions. A chopped fruit salad is both delicious and hydrating! When it comes to babies, make sure fruit is peeled and soft enough (and not stringy) or you can peel and steam (and cool) first. Here’s a month by month guide to feeding babies(with tips to prevent choking) if you are interested.

Whole grain wraps
There’s nothing more portable than food wrapped up in a whole grain wrap. A wrap can be eaten one-handed and can contain just about anything. My favourite options for kids are nut butter and banana or simple ham and cheese!

Homemade trail mix
Homemade trail mix is a staple in my household. I often have little bags of premade trail mix in my pantry for busy days. Throw together dry cereal, dried fruit, and Baby Gourmet’s Mushies, Puffies, and Puffs! These finger foods are packed with powerful nutrition and perfect for little self-feeders. The great thing about homemade trail mix is that you can customize based on the age of your child! I often throw in a few chocolate chips for my older toddler!

Squeeze pouch
Regardless of age, all kids love a good squeeze pouch and who can blame them! They’re quick, convenient, and nutritious. In the summer months, I prefer storing Baby Gourmet Fruit and Veggie Pouches in the fridge for a refreshing and hydrating snack for both babies and toddlers. It’s a great way to cool down and makes them feel like a summer treat!

Hardboiled eggs
It’s no secret that I love eggs. They’re easy and oh-so-versatile. A hardboiled egg is a great portable snack as they are easy to transport and come in their own container! Bonus is that older toddlers can help out by peeling the shell off an egg. An activity and snack all in one!

Leftover whole wheat waffles and yogurt dip
Whole wheat waffles are such a yummy and exciting breakfast. But they also make a great on-the-go snack! Simply cut into strips for easy dipping. They’re soft enough to be a great baby-led weaning option and a great way to allow older self-feeders to tackle dipping. My favourite dips for younger kids are plain Greek or Skyr yogurt and apple sauce!

Crackers and nut butter
What toddler doesn’t love crackers and nut butter? Choose whole grain crackers when possible and offer a variety of nut butters based on your environment, as most public play gyms request that their facilities remain peanut free. When starting solids at six months of age don’t delay in giving your baby peanut products and other allergenic food– it’s completely safe and even recommended! And by peanuts, I don’t mean starting with whole peanuts, but simply thinned out peanut butter on baby-friendly crackers or toast!

Homemade smoothies
A smoothie is a fantastic way to both hydrate and nourish your baby or toddler. Simply add a straw and drink up! Aim for foods like whole fruits, Greek or Skyr yogurt, nut butter and water to thin versus fruit juice. Pop into a to-go cup and you’re ready to hit the park!

Mmmmm muffins
There are so many snack options available to put into a muffin or mini muffin tin. Egg muffins filled with delicious eggs and veggies, as well as lentil muffins and muffins made from iron-fortified cereal! Make muffins in big batches to freeze for when times get busy. Simply take out a frozen muffin at the beginning of the day and by snack time they’ll be good to go!

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