our values

We’ve had tremendous success because from day one, we have been committed to quality and taste. If it’s not good enough for our kids, we will not feed it to yours.

100% goodness

highest quality organic ingredients

Babies are our most precious gifts and we believe in nourishing them with the purest, most natural foods available. That’s why we use only the very best, non-GMO organic ingredients – no fillers, added sugar or salt, or artificial preservatives of any kind.


With each choice we make – from choosing an ingredient to tasting our final product – we are passionately dedicated to creating the highest quality baby and toddler food on the market. This is our priority and we will never compromise.

go on, taste it yourself

absolutely delicious baby food

Banana, Apple & Kale Blend. Vanilla Banana Berry Risotto. Hearty Vegetables with Turkey. Sound like food you'd want for dinner? That's how we make all our baby food. Don’t take our word for it – taste it yourself!

We pride ourselves in creating the very best tasting food on the market. This means easier mealtimes and developing your baby’s taste buds for a future of adventurous eating. It also means all the important nutrients are getting where they need to be – in your baby’s tummy.

make life a little bit easier

we’re all about innovation


We value our consumers’ needs and have a firsthand understanding of the challenges of modern-day parenting. We are committed to finding solutions that parents can feel good about, and we thrive off making life just a little bit easier.  

Our convenient and portable packaging is ideal for on-the-go families, and we bring guilt-free, nutritious meals and snacks to parents who don’t have time to make it themselves. We like to call our food the next best thing to homemade!

the heart of baby gourmet

helping families one pouch at a time


The company was founded on our family values and with an unwavering responsibility to give back to our community. It brings us such pride in knowing we can make a difference, making babies and parents happy one meal at a time. 

Since we started Baby Gourmet, we have donated more than half a million meals across North America and will continue to provide support to our community. 

from one mom to another

you talk, we listen


From our early beginnings at the farmers market, we loved to hear stories from moms of how their finicky little eater devoured our Old Fashioned Apple Crisp or how their baby refused veggies until they tried our Juicy Pear & Garden Greens. Moms continue to give us great feedback to make our recipes even better. 

As a family-oriented company, we cater to moms and babies and work to simplify their lives. Our customers have always been our top priority, and we will continue to be responsive and empathetic to moms’ needs, taking every customer service interaction and comment to heart. As mom founders, we understand what’s important and our goal is to make you and your little ones healthy and happy!

Thank you for helping us create Canada’s fastest growing and #1 branded organic baby food company. You talk, and we will continue to listen.

our ingredients

we only use the freshest organic ingredients

All our ingredients have two things in common: they’re packed with nutrients, and your baby will love to eat them. We know, because we taste every one before it goes in the product.

We only choose the freshest ingredients from certified organic farms – no fillers, added sugar or salt, or artificial preservatives of any kind – because we want the best and will only feed your baby food that we would eat ourselves.

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