5 ways to use baby food

One of my favourite things while building my business feeding babies over the years has been the constant surprises, inspiration and feedback I get from moms. With that in mind, I decided to share the top five fun (and bizarre) uses I've come across for baby food.

(Photo courtesy of Laura at Mamahacks.com) 

Facial exfoliate:
Laura, the fabulous blogger at Mamahacks, posted about using rice cereal as facial scrub in her post entitled, "Beauty in the Baby Aisle.” An excerpt from her post reads, "I simply sprinkle some into my palm, mix with a bit of coconut oil and (gently!) rub it all over my face. Rinse, moisturize and your face will feel as soft as, well, you know. Plus, it's way cheaper than the scrub I used to buy." Genius!

Extreme sports:
Ultra marathoner Mike Suminski (known in his industry as "The Trail Guy") wrote to us crediting our Baby Gourmet fruit/veggie purées with helping him train and compete; the combination of high altitudes and long distances makes it hard to digest solid food. Mike first tried our baby food at the recommendation of his naturopathic doctor when training for his Leadville 100 mile trail race. It's remarkable that the same basic healthy organic fuel for babies is also serving extreme athletes at 10,000 feet!

(Photo courtesy of Jen Carlson)

I love using baby food purées as a dairy substitute in baked goods. Pictured above is my own Chocolate Crack-Ups with Juicy Pear & Garden Greens recipe designed to fit within my son's school's allergy restrictions. This delicious dairy, egg and nut-free brownie bite is a sneaky way to get kids to eat their greens.

Seasonal treats:
Below are a couple fun ways our fans spiced up their favourite holidays.

(Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Melissa)

(Photo courtesy of Spit up is the new black)

Coping with TMJ:
TMJ, short for Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, is a painful dysfunction of the muscles that move the jaw making it painful to eat. One Facebook fan shared the following on our page:

"I just discovered your product in Alberta. I just bought one to try - the Banango Squoosh. Not for a baby though – for myself. I have a very bad TMJ problem making eating difficult. This stuff tastes great, is nutritious and requires no chewing. I am hooked! Might be for young children but it certainly works for me. This is a great alternative and change from the nutritional shakes like Ensure out there."

What are some surprising ways you've heard of baby food being enjoyed?

Jennifer Carlson

Founder, Baby Gourmet Foods

Jen is the mother of two well-fed children and has a passion for all things culinary. She is also an inspirational speaker to women, busy moms and entrepreneurs.

I love using baby food purées as a dairy substitute in baked goods.

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