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Summer Pool Bag Essentials

Before you head to the pool or beach with kids, make sure you have all of these beach bag essentials!

As far as I am concerned, the pool {or beach} is a perfect acceptable place to spend your entire summer.

We basically live in our swimsuits for the entire summer…how else can one survive the Texas heat?

I am loving our rash guard from RuffleButts. It has been an awesome solution for additional {much needed} sun coverage…did I mention how cute it is?
Swimsuits aside, there are a handful of other essentials I keep in our go-n-play bag so that no matter what we are ready for the pool- or a newly discovered creek begging to be crawled.

We do not even think about going outside with soaking ourselves in sunscreen. When it comes to sunscreen Coppertone is the brand I tend to grab most often. I love how easy it is to spray on, how gentle it is on skin, and how well it really works.

When it comes to swim diapers the only brand I will trust is Huggies. I love trying out new diapers especially since my son has extremely sensitive skin and well…disposable diapers are a bit on the spendy side. But, when it comes to swim diapers I stick to what I know will do what it is suppose to do.

Healthy snacks for my kids are always important to me, but when spending a day out in the sun it is even more so important. Slammers Snacks are designed for on the go and packed with super foods are a definite must!

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