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Squoosh Voted Most Outstanding Product From Canada 2014

The World Tour by SIAL Awards, formerly SIAL d'Or Awards, has named Squoosh by Baby Gourmet as the most outstanding product from Canada for 2014.

Selected by the jury in Paris, France, Squoosh competed with over 120 products from 28 countries. The selection was based on consumer trends in each individual country. Squoosh represented the trend in Canada to healthy baby food and organics. Following the presentations of all the products the jury voted on its favourite from each country.

"Squoosh won as the jury favourite product from Canada. The jury was impressed by the healthy nature of a food for babies and the fact that the product was all organic," said Canadian Grocer consulting editor, George Condon, representing Canada on the 28 country jury. "We now await the results of a secret ballot to choose the overall gold, silver and bronze winners, which will be announced during the gigantic SIAL food and beverage exhibition in Paris on October."

Canada has won more awards than any other country - some 30 in all. The World Tour by SIAL Awards is in its 13th year of competition and is held every two years.

About Baby Gourmet:

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Baby Gourmet® is the first-to-market and leading pouched, organic baby food in Canada. It is found where 80% of all baby food is sold in Canada and owns 15% market share. Baby Gourmet has also recently launched into the toddlers snacking category. The product is called Squoosh and is the first organic fruit and veggie snack available across 4 great varieties. For more information, please visit: