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Organic Slammers are a slam dunk. Yeah, I went there. (Sorry.)

Let me start by saying that I have to make four school lunches every night of the week, so if there’s anything to make the whole lunch packing process easier–and of course, healthier–I am willing to try it. That is how I ended up with a new BFF (best food friend) Organic Slammers.

We’re already big squeezy fans in my house, as we call them, and GoGo SqueeZ applesauce and squeezable yogurt tubes are regular fixtures in my kids’ lunchboxes. So it wasn’t a huge stretch for us to try Organic Slammers. They combine a lot of our favorites only with more nutrients, because they include fruit and veggies, as well as Greek yogurt or grains depending on the pack.

All of the ingredients are organic and each pack has about nine grams of sugar–none of which is added. Sounds tempting, right? And according to my son, the ultimate squeezy lover, they are amazing.

Organic Slammers SuperFood Snacks are perfect for school lunches

He had no particular flavor preference though he liked the orange ones because–ready? That’s his favorite color. So he’s probably not the one to recommend one flavor profile over the other. I tried them as well, and they all taste pretty much the same to me, except for the yogurt ones, which already aren’t my personal favorite since I have a lactose issue. My picky girls each have their own favorites, which is no small feat considering the varied ingredients in each pack.

Unlike other mash-ups I’ve personally tasted that are very sophisticated (i.e. weird), these are really are palate-friendly overall.

I don’t love that you have to dispose of the packets after every use, because with four kids (or even just one) that can be a lot of waste. And because they are priced well above similar fruit squeeze packs, I won’t be packing them in the lunchboxes every day by any means.

But given everything your kids are getting in each pack (like, veggies, hello!) I’d say it’s worth adding them occasionally into your lunch packing rotation. With all the food my kids don’t eat, I’m glad to put something super healthy in their lunchboxes that I know will get finished.

You can purchase the Organic Slammers at Target and Safeway. Plus, visit our archives to find more healthy snacks for kids to drop in your grocery cart.

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