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our story began at home

I remember when my daughter, Finley, was six months old. I went to the grocery store and bought a couple jars of baby food. After opening a jar of strained green beans, I knew instantly I wasn’t going to feed her anything I wouldn’t eat myself. I definitely wasn’t going to eat that jar of green beans! From that day forward, I committed myself to making my own baby meals from scratch. I created delicious recipes we both loved!

My sister, Jill, and I grew up with wholesome, flavourful food. Baby Gourmet was born because we wanted the best for our kids. We know your babies will love our great tasting, organic baby food as much as ours did.

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a mom’s love

from our kitchen to yours

It’s a little-known fact that Jill and I create every single product that comes out of Baby Gourmet. We use our motherly instincts to decide which flavours to bring to market and have a deep understanding of our fellow moms and what they want for their babies.

Every product starts in our kitchen and then moves into production under our watchful eye. We’re beyond passionate about our food. To this day, Jill and I are on site for each new product run to ensure the highest quality product is made for our biggest critic – your baby.

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how Baby Gourmet grew up

jen’s kitchen

Baby Gourmet began at home, in my kitchen. I started preparing baby-friendly versions of family recipes for my daughter, creating my own baby meals using fresh fruits, vegetables and proteins. After a few play dates at my house, my mommy friends were asking me to make baby food for them too! 

farmers market

I convinced my sister to join me in my vision and we set up shop at a local farmers market, selling baby food on the weekend. We prepared huge batches of our recipes, freezing them into ice-cube trays and portioning them into little brown bags. Our business grew by word of mom and we gradually built a team of nine “chop and chat ladies” to help make our food.


After a few years, we made the leap from the farmers market to grocery stores. I wanted to find a way to make the same great tasting food in a package moms could buy and throw into their diaper bag. Our resealable pouches lock in taste and nutrition, while also letting older babies feed themselves (something my kids loved to do).


heart of Baby Gourmet

helping families one pouch at a time

The company was founded on our family values and with an unwavering responsibility to give back to our community. The Heart of Baby Gourmet is designed to provide support with nutritional requirements to families who require a little extra assistance. We carefully select families who would benefit tremendously from the nutrition of Baby Gourmet. Every baby and every parent deserves access to our incredible food. We are committed to ensuring we do what we can to make this happen – to make parents’ lives a little easier and nourish as many babies as possible.