tasty textures

When baby is ready for more texture and protein from purées, our Tasty Textures meals provide comforting tastes with just the right consistency.

vegetable beef & barley

This will remind you of those hearty homemade stews your mom would make. It is easy to digest and just brimming with comforting flavours.

chicken minestrone soup

We made a classic Italian dish baby-friendly by blending organic wheat pasta and garbanzo beans with a mix of veggies, herbs and sweet potato.

veggie beef bolognese & pasta stars

This savoury purée combines an array of ingredients spanning all the food groups (except dairy), making for a hearty dish and happy, healthy babies.

fruity chicken and brown rice

The addition of fruits and spices to this chicken and rice dish makes it a fun, nutrition-packed meal that will tickle your baby’s taste buds.

baby gourmet meals

Baby Gourmet meals are balanced, nutritious meals with advanced textures and unique flavours that are rich in protein. Baby Gourmet meals are the FIRST 10m+ with a chunkier texture, the FIRST- Salmon variety, with Omega-3 and the FIRST with a wide mouth spout allows for bigger particles.

Coconut Chicken Curry & Rice

Bursting with exotic flavors and chunky texture, this protein rich meal is the perfect way to introduce flavor variety to baby.

Salmon & Veggie Pot Pie

Our omega-3 rich Salmon & Veggie Pot Pie introduces baby to a wide variety of nutrition and flavor. With 4g of protein, 0.4g Omega-3 per serving and loaded with veggies and herbs, you can trust your baby will be eating a gourmet meal!

Turkey Veggie Lasagna

Chunky texture, 5g of protein per serving and a delicious blend of veggies, beans, turkey and cheesy noodles make this a well-balanced comfort food meal time

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