spinapple squoosh

Spinach and pineapple tango in this well-balanced snack, supported by the sweet moves of cherry and banana. Includes quinoa and Greek yogurt!

Available Sizes

90 g pouch
Carton (4 individual pouches)
vitamins A and C
no added sugar or salt
full serving of fruit & veg

Jen Says

Jill and I wanted to take the concept of our Baby Gourmet Plus flavours and offer it in a cool little pouch for toddlers. Inspired by Jill’s morning smoothie recipe, we blended in the goodness of spinach, quinoa and Greek yogurt.

Try freezing the pouch and using as a lunch bag freezer pack. By the time lunch rolls around, you have a ready-to-eat slushie for kids. My kids love these frozen!


Organic Apple
Organic Banana
Organic Cherry
Organic Greek Yogurt
Organic Spinach
Organic Pineapple Juice Concentrate
Organic Quinoa
Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate
Ascorbic Acid



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