ripe mango & avocado with oats

The newest puree from Baby Gourmet. This delicious blend of 100% organic mango, avocado and oats is full of heart-healthy fats, dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Available Sizes

128 mL Pouch
heart-healthy monounsaturated fats
gluten free
nut free
source of dietary fibre

Jen Says

To add delicious texture and added fiber for your baby, stir in a tablespoon of mashed black beans.


Organic Mango
Organic Banana
Organic Avocado
Organic Oats
Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate
Ascorbic Acid


May Contain Gluten

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What kid doesn’t like a treat? I’m fairly confident that there is a “loves chocolate” gene, because I definitely passed it along to my kids. I have always loved chocolate. For years, I have had a square or two of dark chocolate after lunch and supper. For me, chocolate is the perfect ending to a meal. Over the years, I’ve learned to enjoy it mindfully.