hearty vegetable with turkey

Turkey dinner usually means holidays and family time. Jill’s old-fashioned family recipe is packed with turkey, herbs and all the fixings.

Available Sizes

128 ml pouch
nut free
vitamin C
good source of protein
no added sugar or salt
no fillers

Jen Says

This recipe came straight from Jill’s family cookbook. For added texture, add some cooked pasta or brown rice to this recipe. Independent feeders will gobble this up!


Organic Sweet Potato
Organic Apple
Organic Carrot
Organic Celery
Organic Turkey
Organic Onion
Organic Basil
Organic Parsley
Organic Rosemary



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In the early days of researching how and when to start solids with my babies, I made the decision to start with a vegetable opposed to a fruit. After rice cereal, the first food I brought to their lips was broccoli. I wanted to ensure they developed a taste for greens, as I know these important nutrients can be hard won down the road.

To my surprise, my daughter ate up her broccoli without hesitation; my son on the other hand, was not as willing. So I mixed his broccoli with a little pear purée and watched him gobble it up! That's when I learned the power of blending.