coconut, kiwi & mangosteen with quinoa

This exotic medley combines the goodness of spinach with creamy Greek yogurt, introducing baby to unique flavours like kiwi and mangosteen.

Available Sizes

128 ml pouch
4 food groups
gluten free
vitamin C
no added sugar or salt
no fillers or thickeners

Jen Says

You can make your own frozen mini melts by squirting small dollops of this purée on a tray lined with wax paper. Put in the freezer for a few hours to make delicious little bites for hot days!


Organic Apple
Organic Banana
Organic Kiwi
Organic Greek Yogurt
Organic Coconut
Organic Spinach
Organic Mangosteen
Organic Quinoa
Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate
Ascorbic Acid



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