chicken minestrone soup

We made a classic Italian dish baby-friendly by blending organic wheat pasta and garbanzo beans with a mix of veggies, herbs and sweet potato.

Available Sizes

128 ml pouch
nut free
dairy free
no added sugar or salt
no fillers
vitamins A and C
no artificial ingredients

Jen Says

One of our founding recipes and a top seller at the farmers market. Jill’s babies all grew up on this dish because it is chock-full of so many good ingredients – the perfect balanced meal. Her original recipe: Jill’s Chicken Vegetable Minestrone

Texture tip: Gently heat and spread it on a piece of lightly toasted grain bread. Cut into bite-sized pieces. Independent eaters love pieces they can feed themselves.


Organic Sweet Potato
Organic Carrot
Organic Chicken
Organic Zucchini
Organic Whole Wheat Pasta
Organic Chick Peas
Organic Mushrooms
Organic Onion
Organic Parsley
Organic Basil
Organic Oregano



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