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great grains cereals

Baby’s first food should be easy to digest and provide important iron and vitamins. Our wholegrain cereals contain no dairy or soy and are made from North American grains.

Bring the goodness of organic, wholegrain oats to your baby's diet. Just add formula, breast milk or water for a deliciously creamy cereal.

Rice cereal is one of the simplest foods to start baby on – and simply delicious. Easily digestible, rice cereal is a perfect introduction to solids.

Serve your baby the goodness of ancient grains for breakfast. This organic, fortified cereal is made of millet, amaranth, buckwheat and quinoa.

Made with organic fruit and packed with iron and vitamins, banana raisin oatmeal is a great way to introduce baby to wholegrain goodness at breakfast.

Build baby's palate with this unique blend of apples and spinach with oatmeal. Add formula, breast milk or water for a delicious start to the day.


simple purées

It's both exciting and nerve-wracking to start your baby on solids. Once you introduce baby to individual ingredients, begin with our Simple Purées.

This smoothie-inspired recipe is bursting with the brightness of ripe cherries. Add creamy banana and fresh green spinach for baby’s perfect first food.

This intriguing mix of broccoli, spinach and sweet, creamy pear makes it easy to get healthy greens into your baby’s diet.

It’s pretty cool when you can say, “my baby loves kale.” Babies enjoy this mix of flavours, and it’s an easy way to include some healthy greens.

Babies and kids love this breakfast-inspired blend of pumpkin and fruit, while moms appreciate the healthy goodness!

Like a sweet banana loaf balanced with the earthiness of beets, this baby food pouch is a nutritious treat you'll be happy to give your baby.

In this blend, the sweet, autumn notes of orchard apple and carrot are complemented by a hint of tartness from prune juice.

Baby can celebrate the holidays year-round with this classic comfort food. This recipe includes all the sweet taste without the added sugar.

This warming beef stew is chocked full of autumn’s harvest. Rich pumpkin, fibrous sweet apples and pears are added to beef and seasoned with thyme.


The newest puree from Baby Gourmet. This delicious blend of 100% organic mango, avocado and oats is full of heart-healthy fats, dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Jen adds sweet potato and apple to infuse sweetness into puréed chicken, making it a perfect “first meat” meal.


creative combos

Your baby is ready for a taste adventure – time to try out new flavours. These deliciously blended fruit and veggie medleys will help expand baby’s palate.

Butternut squash is the perfect creamy veggie to add to this bright fruit medley. A hint of vanilla brings all the flavours together.

A fun mix of sweet potato with apples and berries, this rich organic purée can satisfy baby’s sweet tooth while adding veggie-powered nutrition.

We took brown rice, rich banana and bright blueberries and turned a dish usually reserved for fancy restaurants into a nutritious meal for babies.

Baby will love this protein-rich chicken and black bean dish that combines the sweetness of corn with quinoa and a hint of cilantro.

Turkey dinner usually means holidays and family time. Jill’s old-fashioned family recipe is packed with turkey, herbs and all the fixings.


adventurous eaters

As baby’s palate develops, make mealtime more exciting with flavourful ingredients, sweet spices and unexpected combos. Open the door to a world of new tastes.

Jen updates her grandma’s tried and true recipe using blended pear instead of sugar. Many families we know say they all enjoy it for dessert!


baby gourmet plus

Plus flavours take Baby Gourmet to the next level with four food groups – you’ll find super fruits, vegetables, Greek yogurt and whole grains in every pouch.

Delicious baked apple gets a boost with Omega-3! We combined sweet apples with the goodness of chia, and added a dash of cinnamon to introduce baby to new flavours.


A favourite since our farmers market days. We started each morning with a bowl of warming oatmeal, brimming with bananas and creamy Greek yogurt.


This delicious blend combines the sweetness of pears and figs with creamy pumpkin and oats. Ginger and prunes round out this recipe to pique baby’s taste buds.

This exotic medley combines the goodness of spinach with creamy Greek yogurt, introducing baby to unique flavours like kiwi and mangosteen.

A healthy spin-off on a delicious bumbleberry crumble! Strawberries, blueberries and rhubarb add sweet tartness, and quinoa is used as the “buttery” topping.

A tangy combo of berries, banana and carrots blended with ancient grains makes for a satisfying meal for adventurous eaters.

Spinach and ginger are the heroes in this refreshing, smoothie-inspired recipe. Babies will love the complex flavour profile and mom will love the nutrients!


tasty textures

When baby is ready for more texture and protein from purées, our Tasty Textures meals provide comforting tastes with just the right consistency.

This will remind you of those hearty homemade stews your mom would make. It is easy to digest and just brimming with comforting flavours.

We made a classic Italian dish baby-friendly by blending organic wheat pasta and garbanzo beans with a mix of veggies, herbs and sweet potato.

This savoury purée combines an array of ingredients spanning all the food groups (except dairy), making for a hearty dish and happy, healthy babies.

The addition of fruits and spices to this chicken and rice dish makes it a fun, nutrition-packed meal that will tickle your baby’s taste buds.


baby gourmet meals

Baby Gourmet meals are balanced, nutritious meals with advanced textures and unique flavours that are rich in protein. Baby Gourmet meals are the FIRST 10m+ with a chunkier texture, the FIRST- Salmon variety, with Omega-3 and the FIRST with a wide mouth spout allows for bigger particles.


Bursting with exotic flavors and chunky texture, this protein rich meal is the perfect way to introduce flavor variety to baby.


Our omega-3 rich Salmon & Veggie Pot Pie introduces baby to a wide variety of nutrition and flavor. With 4g of protein, 0.4g Omega-3 per serving and loaded with veggies and herbs, you can trust your baby will be eating a gourmet meal!


Chunky texture, 5g of protein per serving and a delicious blend of veggies, beans, turkey and cheesy noodles make this a well-balanced comfort food meal time.


mushies snacks

For babies discovering new textures and flavours, these freeze-dried, melt-in-your-mouth organic snacks are the next step in developing a taste for good food.

Help your baby develop a love for spinach and kale with melt-in-your-mouth, bite-sized bits of fun that babies can feed themselves.

Our popular Banana Apple Beet Berry is transformed into a tasty, melt-in-your-mouth snack. Think little freeze-dried nuggets of sweet banana loaf!

A combination of bananas, berries and yogurt is freeze-dried to make a tasty, melt-in-your-mouth snack for self-feeding babies.



These 100% Organic Quinoa puffs are delicious gluten free snacks for self-feeders! With 1B probiotics, and a source of protein in every serving, sweet or savoury Puffies help to support their health as well!


Excite baby's tastebuds with this dynamic new flavour including the sweet, creamy flavour of banana and nutrient rich kale


What goes better with broccoli than cheese? These delicious Quinoa puffs deliver a nutritional bang along with outstanding flavour!


Introduce baby to the delicious taste of strawberries combined with beets. These little treats are the perfect snack for babies that are starting to feed themselves.


finger foods

Our new Finger Foods are locally produced and packed with 100% organic lentil and chickpea nutrition. These high quality snacks combine tummy friendly probiotics, plant based proteins and essential vitamins and minerals making them the perfect snack for your self-feeder!


Perfect, finger feeding sized pieces for your baby-led feeder!


Sophisticated flavors for your sophisticated baby! Only the best!


squoosh snacks

Squoosh are tasty, organic snacks that provide a full serving of fruit and vegetables. Baby Gourmet babies and toddlers love these familiar flavours in a snack-size pouch.

Tart apple and creamy banana are a complementary contrast to the earthy taste of beets. We top it off with the sweetness of juicy berries.

We mixed the yummy tastes of apple, blueberries and banana to see who could blend best with tasty butternut squash – turns out they all do!

We wanted to capture the fun of summer by blending the exotic flavour of mango with the natural sweetness of carrot, banana and apple.

Spinach and pineapple tango in this well-balanced snack, supported by the sweet moves of cherry and banana. Includes quinoa and Greek yogurt!



Shakers is the only nutritional beverage made with organic whole milk and made even better with vitamins, minerals and pumpkin.


Inspired by delicious vanilla milkshakes, this nutritional powerhouse contains organic whole milk, a touch of pumpkin and 24 vitamins and minerals. Perfect for snack or meal-time.


A delicious, rich chocolate nutritional beverage blended with organic whole milk, a touch of pumpkin and 25 vitamins and minerals. Perfect for a snack or meal-time.

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