meet the founders of Baby Gourmet

Jennifer Carlson

Mom of Finley & Eamon

Jennifer is the visionary behind Baby Gourmet, an organic baby food company specializing in nutritious and delicious packaged food for babies and toddlers. Inspired by her 6-month-old daughter, she and her sister launched the brand in 2006 at the Calgary Farmers Market and has since built a successful company with product distributed in major retailers across North America.

She is the mother of two well-fed children and has a passion for all things culinary. Jen is an inspirational and motivating speaker to women, entrepreneurs and busy moms.

5 things you didn’t know about Jen 

  • She was an entrepreneur from an early age. Her parents encouraged creativity and supported her numerous childhood ventures (lemonade, anyone?).
  • Jen and her sister, Jill, grew up with a mom who believed in whole foods and making everything from scratch. Homemade lemon pies are her all-time favourite.
  • Jen’s biggest inspiration is her family. Her mom (at 70) bikes, hikes, snowshoes, kayaks and paddleboards her way around the globe. Who doesn’t aspire to this life?
  • She’s not a perfectionist, and doesn’t expect parents to be perfect with their nutritional choices. Jen follows the 80/20 rule – 80% good, 20% not-so-good. It’s all about balance!
  • Jen relaxes by doing yoga, cooking and spending time with her kids – they love doing anything outdoors!

Jill Vos 

Mom of Tatum, Sage, Brynn & Declan

Jill and her sister launched Baby Gourmet in a local farmers market many years ago. Today, Jill leads Baby Gourmet’s product development initiatives and ensures each product tastes the same as when she makes it in her own home kitchen.

Jill is the mother of four children and through them, she has come to know what babies, toddlers and kids like and dislike when it comes to food. She is a former teacher with a creative zest for inventing new recipes that kids love and mothers trust. 

5 things you didn’t know about Jill 

  • Jill’s priorities are always revolved around her family – even with all of life’s distractions, a healthy and happy family comes first!
  • Jill is an active runner and admits to having a bit of an obsession with hot yoga.
  • She loves chocolate and flip-flops, two comforts that really don’t require further explanation.
  • Jill views Baby Gourmet as an extension of herself and her core beliefs: fun loving, healthy life, mind, body and soul.
  • Jill feels blessed to enjoy a passion for food, cooking and creating products that promote healthy living and lifestyle. Her greatest reward has been connecting with like-minded families who also believe that early eating habits lead to lifelong healthy choices.

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