frequently asked questions

Feeding baby

Can your baby cereal be made with water?

Yes. However, we do recommend mixing with breast milk or formula for extra nutrients and a creamier consistency.

When can I start giving my baby your cereal?

It really depends – each baby is different. Around the 4-month mark, they will start showing signs of wanting to be part of the family meal. If your baby does not seem to be satisfied with only breast milk/formula, they are sitting upright, seems interested and is showing signs of smacking their gums, they could be ready. The range is typically 4 to 6 months when baby shows these signs.

Our food

How do I know your products are safe?

Safety is our highest concern – we would never feed a baby something we wouldn’t eat ourselves. Our manufacturing facility has extensive and continually monitored quality control systems to ensure the integrity and safety of our products. Although the failure rate of pouches is very low (.0002%), there is always a very small chance that any food product can become compromised post-production either by being opened or damaged.

We would always advise our customers to check any packaged food before giving it to their child to ensure that neither the packaging nor the product inside has become compromised. For pouches, we recommend the following:

  1. Inspect the pouch to ensure that there is no damage or food on the outside (which could be a sign that it has been damaged).
  2. If the pouch is inflated, do not open or feed to your child. Discard and email us with your experience.
  3. When opening a pouch, ensure that there is some resistance and a click as the tamper-proof seal on the cap is broken.

Are Baby Gourmet products made in a facility that may come into contact with nuts, dairy or wheat?

The facilities where Baby Gourmet is made are completely nut-free.

Our multiple facilities do handle products with dairy and gluten. However, there are rigorous allergen cleaning and testing protocols used after each production run. Allergens are stored in a segregated area in the facility.

Is it safe to freeze Baby Gourmet?

Yes, this product can be frozen up to 3 months. Thaw the product in the fridge and “massage” the pouch prior to serving to ensure the best texture.

Once opened, we recommend storing in the fridge and using within 24 hours for optimal freshness.

Are your pouches recyclable?

The caps are 100% recyclable. However, the foil packaging is not yet recyclable. We are looking at other options for future products.

Why don’t your protein purées come in the handheld squeezable pouch?

We pair veggies with fruit to control the pH level, which allows us to flash pasteurize rather than high-temperature cook in our resealable pouch.

Low-acid ingredients such as vegetables and meat cannot be processed in our resealable pouch and go through a completely different packaging process.

We also feel these meals taste best when lightly warmed. We suggest removing the purée from the pouch and heating in a bowl.

Can I pack Baby Gourmet in my check-in luggage? Are they perishable?

Our pouches are completely safe for air travel – portability is one of our key attributes! They are not perishable due to the flash pasteurization process (without preservatives) the product goes through.

You can also carry baby food on the plane during travel, as it is one of the only approved liquids for carry-on travel. Nothing is easier than twisting off a cap and serving directly from the pouch during a flight.

What keeps your baby food "good" if your products are preservative and additive-free?

Everything is listed on our pouches – there are no hidden ingredients, preservatives or additives.

All of our fruit products are processed to optimize safety, flavour and nutrients. After blending our fruit, we adjust the pH (acidity) of the fruit with lemon juice so that microorganisms like bacteria cannot grow. Then we pasteurize the purée by carefully heating the fruit for a specific time and temperature.

Our next steps are hermetically sealing the fruit mixture into a pouch and a second pasteurization to ensure the fruit, pouch and cap are free of bacteria. Using these processing steps: 1) gentle heating b) a hermetically sealed pouch and c) natural acids – we are able to deliver the freshest tasting product without artificial preservatives, anti-microbial chemicals or BHT.

Some of our products contain ascorbic acid, which is actually vitamin C. This naturally occurring acid is used to control pH levels the same as lemon juice does.

Is Baby Gourmet GMO-free?

Yes. Organic foods never contain GMOs (genetically modified ingredients), artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, trans fats, or high-fructose corn syrup.

Our products are 100% organic and labeled USDA Organic and Canada Organic. This is the easiest way to avoid genetically modified ingredients.


What are Shakers?

Shakers are a whole milk based nutritional beverage designed to ensure kids get the nutrition they need on a daily basis. Made with 80% whole milk, boosted with vitamins and a touch of pumpkin, Shakers are a great way to ensure kids are getting what they need as they grow.

Why did Baby Gourmet decide to create Shakers?

We decided to create Shakers to provide parents with an organic whole milk nutritional beverage alternative to the products currently available in the market. We felt Shakers could help both picky eaters as well as non-picky eaters that may need a little more nutrition any time of day.

What does it taste like?

Simply, Shakers tastes like a smooth, creamy and subtle Chocolate or Vanilla milk. We wanted to create a beverage that tasted delicious but that wasn’t overly sweet or flavoured.

What age range are Shakers good for?

Shakers are designed for kids 1-10 years of age but they can be enjoyed by all ages.

Why should I feed Shakers to my child?

Shakers are organic and made with 80% whole milk, they contain 24+ vitamins, and provide 7g of protein per bottle. Shakers were developed to provide added nutrition to your child’s diet, any time of day, with a meal, as a snack, or on the go. They can even be used in various recipes for a boost of nutrition.

What makes Shakers better than similar products on the market?

Shakers is made with 80% organic whole milk, which makes it unique in the marketplace. Most nutritional supplements for children use water, milk solids and protein concentrates to create a dairy base. We wanted to use whole foods and the fewest number of ingredients to deliver the maximum amount of nutrition.

Why do Shakers have fewer ingredients?

Shakers have only the ingredients that we felt were required to deliver strong nutritional credentials along with great taste. We didn’t feel that it was necessary to add any additional oils, thickeners or proteins to develop a great product.

Are Shakers organic?

YES, like all of Baby Gourmet’s products, Shakers is certified organic.

Do Shakers contain vegetables?

Yes, Shakers contains pumpkin. We felt that it was beneficial to include a vegetable to continue to help develop a child’s palate for great tasting food. Try it, you’ll love the taste!

Where can I find Shakers?

Shakers is available at all major grocery and drug retailers across Canada. They can be found in the baby food aisle, shelved with products like Pediasure, or infant formula.

Where are the ingredients sourced from?

Shakers are made in France through a collective of organic dairy farmers, under the highest of European standards to deliver the best quality of ingredients for Shakers. The manufacturing process is completed with a number of checks to ensure the quality and traceability of Shakers.

If it’s real milk, how can it be shelf stable?

The milk in Shakers is made shelf stable through the UHT process, which simply means that it’s sterilized for a few seconds at 140ºC, to make sure that it doesn’t spoil. The containers are sealed in a sterilized room with filtered air providing further assurances for a great product. The UHT process has been used in Europe for decades and is a popular way to sell milk as it doesn’t require refrigeration, which is better for the environment.

Is it a replacement for milk?

Shakers can be used any time you may give your child milk, if you feel they need a little more nutrition.

Is it ok for lactose intolerant kids?

As Shakers is 80% whole milk, it should not be given to kids with a lactose intolerance.

Is it a meal replacement for kids?

Shakers should not be considered as a replacement for a meal but rather a highly nutritious compliment to a meal. As kids grow they may not get the nutrition they need on a daily basis, Shakers, provides more nutrition than regular milk, but should not replace solids at mealtime.

How long can you keep it after it's been opened?

After opening, Shakers should be refrigerated and consumed within 24 hours.

Do you need to refrigerate after opening?

After opening, Shakers should be refrigerated and consumed within 24 hours.

Can you freeze it?

Yes, Shakers can go in the freezer, however some separation may occur once thawed and the consistency may not be the same as prior to freezing. Be sure to shake well prior to serving.

Can you heat it / can I cook with it?

Yes, you can gently warm to serve however we would not recommend boiling. Yes, you can cook with Shakers. It works nicely as a milk replacement in baking, pancakes and smoothies.

Will you have any recipes with it?

Jen is in the process of developing recipe with Shakers. Be sure to check out our website over the next few months to find these easy recipes. For a quick smoothie, simply add Shakers to any combination of fruits that you like and blend.

How is it different than a product like Pediasure?

Unlike similar products in the market, Shakers is made with 80% organic whole milk, not a blend of water, sugar, milk protein concentrates, soy protein etc. Shakers has a very clean and short organic ingredient list. Similar to other competitors, Shakers provides kids with 24+ vitamins that help to support healthy development, delivering a taste that kids loves and that doesn’t fill them up, leaving room for balanced meals. Shakers can be served at meal time, snack time, or on the go.

How should I serve it (e.g. drink from bottle, serve cold, warm it)?

Shakers should be shaken before serving, but it’s really up to you how to serve it. We like it chilled, but room temperature is fine, as is warmed up. You can serve it directly from the bottle or in a glass, with a straw or without. It’s also great mixed with their favourite breakfast cereal or oatmeal.

Could I feed it to my baby once they’ve started on solids?

Shakers can be fed to babies that are over 1 year of age, or with the recommendation of a pediatrician if they are under 1. Shakers should not be considered the sole source of nutrition for infants, but should be used in conjunction with other foods like fruits, vegetables, grains, meats and legumes as part of a balanced diet.

Why did you decide to add sugar to this product?

The overall flavour profile of the added vitamins and minerals can be very strong, so we needed to add a little sugar to make a delicious tasting beverage.