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Bean Purée

Beans are a great source of insoluble fibre, which aids in digestion and prevents constipation. More importantly, beans are a good source of protein, iron, manganese and folate. They provide long-term energy and slow down the release of blood sugar after a meal. Beans can cause gas, so it is important to rinse beans very well before use and ensure baby is taking in plenty of fluids. 

  1. Rinse well one 540 ml can of beans.
  2. Purée in processor with ½ cup water until smooth.
  3. Mix 1 tbsp. bean purée with 3 tbsp. puréed fruit and/or veg purée.
  4. Freeze leftover purée in ice cube trays to easily pull out for future use.
  5. I use white kidney beans because of their mild flavour and iron levels, but you can use any kind – black beans and chickpeas are tasty too.

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With three kids at home I've been finding it a bit challenging to get healthy, balanced homemade meals on the table at a decent time (before 7pm). Even when I map out my day and try to be organized, I still find that I'm scrambling at 6pm (with a toddler climbing up my leg and two other kids whining because they’re hungry) trying to get dinner on the table. Gone are the days where I had three solid hours to prepare dinner, clean, relax etc. during nap time. So, I've had to become a bit more efficient when it comes to preparing meals and have discovered a few short-cuts.