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“When I was looking for first foods for my daughter, I found many of the cereals on the market included dairy. I wanted a simple cereal that I could stir my own breast milk into. When it came to making our Baby Gourmet cereal, I wanted to give moms the option if they wanted dairy. Dairy products can be difficult to tolerate as a first food, which is another reason we didn’t include it in our cereals.

Our baby cereals are very clean and simple, without added dairy or unnecessary ingredients such as sugar. They are also fortified with necessary vitamins and minerals like iron. Babies have a critical requirement for iron at 6 months, and fortified baby cereal is the easiest and most effective way to introduce it to the diet.

Baby cereals are an ideal first food because of their ease of digestion, and the creamy smooth texture is a perfect way to encourage babies to chew and engage in the act of eating. Our unique flavour combinations like Banana Raisin Oatmeal and Apple Spinach Oatmeal offer baby a subtle introduction to fruit and veggie combinations.” – Jen

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