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When I was given the task of bringing the weekly soccer snack to the field, I was surprised by what the kids gravitated towards: fresh food!

While it may seem the most convenient snacks to bring are a supersized bag of chips (yes, I have seen this) or a multi-pack of high-sugar granola bars, the reality is, fresh foods are just as easy and healthier.

When I was growing up and very active in after-school sports, every week was the same snack – orange wedges. Old fashioned or not, this is hands down the best sports snack. It’s juicy, refreshing, delicious and fun to eat. What kid doesn’t want to smile with an orange peel wrapped around their front teeth? (Don’t forget to bring the wet wipes to get rid of sticky fingers.)

The next time you are given this role, think fresh. If you are in a rush to get the kids out and throw a snack together, here are your best bets:

  • Orange wedges
  • Sliced watermelon wedges
  • Washed whole strawberries
  • Whole bananas

If you have a little more time to be creative, try these:

  • Fruit kabobs: cut fresh fruit into cubes served on a skewer
  • Apple slices brushed with lemon juice to slow browning
  • Homemade muffins
  • Homemade granola bars

If you must bring packaged foods, bring these:

  • Fruit snack pouches
  • Cheese, crackers and pepperoni sticks
  • Yogurt tubes 

In any case, for quick snacks to fuel kids’ activities, think fresh first!

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