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Baby Gourmet President, and CEO, Michael Watt, shares a few books that top the list of family faves for his daughters Addison and Charlotte. 
Who’s Next? Guess Who! by Anton Poitier & Sophie Touliatou 
This playful, guessing game type of book, announces a procession of friendly cartoon animals, in short, alliterative phrases, before prompting readers to guess who comes next based on the animal’s tail and rear-end shown on the right-hand page. The result is an interactive, laughter filled story time that’s just as much fun the tenth time through as it was the first. And the twentieth.  

Michael Says: Topping the list for interaction, hand-eye and thinking ahead is definitely Who’s Next? Guess Who! by Anton Poitier & Sophie Touliatou or Press Here by Herve Tullet. 
The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn
 A classic book for children starting day care or school and adjusting to being away from their parents for the first time. To ease Chester Racoon's anxiety about starting school, Mrs. Racoon shares a family secret: the Kissing Hand, to give him the reminder and reassurance of her love when things seem a little scary. 

Michael Says: This is a really nice book about making it comfortable for kids to explore new adventures and it comes with stickers representing the kiss you can pass to others.  My daughter Addison loves to share gifts with people so this book was a favourite in our house for my little caring gift giver. 
Cookies by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Illustrated by Jane Dyer 
This clever, whimsical book uses situations related to baking cookies, to illustrate complex traits and life lessons in a way that kids can understand and relate to with ease. From what it means to cooperate, to understanding concepts like "fair" vs. "unfair," this book is equal parts fun and ‘aha’ moments for kids of all ages. 

Michael Says: My wife and daughters Addison and Charlotte love to bake together.  Through concepts like measuring, gathering ingredients and baking, this book started to teach some important life lessons like cooperation, patience etc.   

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