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Jennifer House is the owner of First Step Nutrition, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and mom of three. Born and raised in Calgary, Jennifer completed her BSc nutrition degree in Edmonton and her MSc at UBC, before settling back in Calgary. She worked for the Alberta Health Region at the Alberta Children’s Hospital and the Healthy Babies division of Healthy Living for a few years before her first son was born. 

After maternity leave, Jennifer started First Step Nutrition. She works mostly with pregnant and postpartum women, babies, and young children. Common issues she helps clients deal with include starting solids, picky eating, weight gain for infants, allergies and constipation in children, pregnancy nutrition, postpartum weight loss, and family meal planning. 

Jennifer loves to read, watch Glee, travel to warm all-inclusive destinations and is perpetually learning how to golf!


  • Registered Dietitian
  • Registered Nutritionist
  • Bachelor of Science – Nutrition and Food Sciences, University of Alberta
  • Master of Science – Human Nutrition, University of British Columbia
  • Member of the Alberta College of Dietitians and Dietitians of Canada
  • Co-chair of Calgary Breastfeeding Matters Group
  • Member of Attachment Parents’ Village Calgary

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