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As a former Elementary school teacher, Baby Gourmet Co-Founder Jill Vos was an avid collector of children’s books, so her kids were exposed to books at a very young age. Each of her children shared a love for books that rhymed and made them laugh.  Robert Munsch, Audrey Wood, Helen Lester and Julia Donaldson were some of the favourite authors. 

Jill says: The picks I’ve shared are the books my children wore out they were read so many times. And truth be told, I enjoyed them just as much as they did!
Silly Sally by Audrey Wood
Silly Sally is a playful, humourous and brightly coloured rhyming book about Silly Sally and her outrageous friends. From dancing a jig with a silly pig, to leapfrog with a silly dog, Booklist warns this is one book you should “be prepared to read this one a thousand times!" 

Jill Says: My daughter Sage loved Silly Sally and Skip to my Lou because we would sing it together which was always fun!
Frank was a Monster who wanted to Dance by Keith Graves
Written in rhyme, the entire time, this “monstrously funny’ book tells the story of a dilapidated monster named Frank who follows his dream of dancing before an audience. With colourful, detailed illustrations and hilariously silly humour appropriate for kids 4 and up, this book will elicit all the LOLs and be requested repeatedly. 

Jill Says: Tatum loved this book because of it’s silly, playful tone and rhymes and I would use a voice like a Vampire when I read it.
Dinner with Fox by Stephen Wylli
This cleverly illustrated, 3-dimensional picture book tells the story of a sly red fox who extends dinner party invitations to Hen and Brown Hare in hopes of serving himself up some guest a la mode for dinner. But a surprise guest turns the tables on the crafty red fox who doesn’t see it coming. 

Jill Says: Brynn liked this book because the pictures popped out and there were envelopes with messages.
Tacky The Penguin by Helen Lester
Tacky the Penguin doesn’t follow the crowd, much to the dismay of his prim and proper penguin pals. But it’s Tacky’s un-penguin-like antics that save the day by foiling the scheme of some critters threatening the penguins’ existence with their scheme to ‘get-rich-quick’. Tacky’s cheerful tale celebrates the advantages of being an individual and following your heart. 

Jill Says: Tacky the Penguin is Declan’s favourite choice! Who doesn’t love poor old Tacky who marches to the beat of his own drum. 

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