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Among the advice new parents receive, is to devote time to reading to babies early and often. In addition to providing special one-on-one bonding time for parent and child, the developmental benefits of reading to babies early have been widely studied and proven. In fact, studies have shown that children who were read to as newborns have a larger vocabulary and more advanced mathematical skills, than other kids their age. 
Early and Often: Reading to Baby from Day 1
The same way it’s important for babies to get the right food and nutrition, giving babies brain food in the more books, songs and ‘conversation’ that goes beyond baby talk is vital in the early stages of development. And the best part it, it’s never too early to begin reading to your baby!

In the first 3 months, picture books are fabulous in that they allow your baby to start training and focusing their eyes on simple patterns, shapes and colours. But if baby picture books bore you to tears, have no fear. Mix in some ‘older’ books that will be more interesting for you and have more complex tones, emotions and language. Or even read your own Book Club pick aloud. While your newborn or young infant doesn’t understand what you’re saying, the tones, inflections and rhythms of your voice can help prep them for language learning according to
Kenneth Wible, MD, of Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics in Kansas City, Missouri. There are also a number of studies showing that the more words a baby is exposed to, the better prepared they are to develop language skills and to start reading on his own. One such study found that striking differences in vocabulary and language processing skills emerge as early as 18 months old, with children whose parents spoke to them the least, performing more poorly on standardized language tests, lagging behind their contemporaries by up to 6 months. 
Baby Gourmet Book Club

When Baby Gourmet Co-founder Jen Carlson was growing up her favorite children’s books growing up were from Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter series and Professor Wormbog, which looking back, were books that were both fun and had great underlying messages about things like sharing, caring and cooperation. Jen’s kids, Finley and Eamon each have a number of beloved books and stories, but the ones that stand out most are The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and Something from Nothing by Phoebe Gilman.
As a former Elementary school teacher, Baby Gourmet Co-Founder Jill Vos was an avid collector of children’s books, so her kids were exposed to books at a very young age. Each of her children shared a love for books that rhymed and made them laugh.  Robert Munsch, Audrey Wood, Helen Lester and Julia Donaldson were some of the favourite authors.
Jill says: The picks I’ve shared are the books my children wore out they were read so many times. And truth be told, I enjoyed them just as much as they did!
With daughters aged 3 and 6, who are both voracious readers, Baby Gourmet President, and CEO, Michael Watt had a broad range of treasured tales to choose from. He managed to narrow it down to a few especially beloved books, that top the list of family favourites for his daughters Addison and Charlotte. 

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